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Heh, watch as I litter you paid and permanent users with the ads a plus-user has to see.

I saw this today...

Stupid Credit Score Ad

So, um...if you're telling me that a poor score is 550 or lower, why are you blatantly contradicting your own judgement just a few pixels later, where you seem to feel that 619 or lower is "poor".

Stupid nonsense.

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Why I can't stand the California DMV.


  1. First vehicle I bought in-state hadn't been registered in a few years. Bringing it up to compliance, and registering it for all the missed years? My problem.

  2. Second vehicle, similar issues, wasted a whole day at the DMV to find out I couldn't afford it until my next paycheck. Partially because...

  3. Note that the DMV only takes pin-based debit, and cash. No cards.
    Why? The possibility ot a chargeback? I can pay my federal taxes with a card, so come on.

  4. Any registrations are based on some anniversary date owned by the vehicle. Thus, the car I bought in November comes due for re-registration in April.

Vanity Plates

  1. Ordering a vanity plate takes ten weeks.

  2. When you order a plate, you can pay online for it (yes, that you can pay with a credit card, but not a renewal), but it's due immediately, non-refundably, and before your plate is approved.

  3. Once they finish your plate, they are mailed to the nearest DMV office (where you could presumably pay), not your home. You are then told "make an appointment to go pick up your plates".

  4. You are told when you get your notice that if you don't pick up your plates in 30 days, they'll be destroyed, no refund.

  5. When I got my notice, the NEXT AVAILABLE appointment was 29 days from then. I wound up eating a day, standing around to pick up the plates.

  6. In order to give you any new plates, they need your old ones, so you basically have to leave your car sitting in the DMV lot with no plates.
    (This is technically illegal), and you basically have to swap your plates in their lot. (I can't, for example, imagine the elderly doing this with a handicapped plate).

Registration Renewal

  1. I got a renewal notice in the mail in mid february. I mailed it out as soon as I got it, for $83, along with the stub they had included.
    Two months early, just like my taxes. The stub listed my current (non-vanity) plate on it. Check was made out for the 22nd, probably mailed Feb 21st to arrive on feb 22nd, was deposited Feb 23rd.

  2. My registration stickers never showed up, nor did I receive any other correspondence.

  3. I called the DMV office today. Their IVR asks you "do you need to renew your registration" but doesn't understand "I don't know". After three tries I just said "representative" which seemed to do the right thing at first.

  4. I was then told by the system "your wait time is more than ten minutes, you should call back at a different time", but given no clue of how long the estimated wait actually WAS. I was told this repeatedly, every five minutes for nearly 45 minutes until someone answered.

  5. They requested my license plate number and told me that no payment had been received. I logged into my bank account and found the cancelled check, with "Deposit to DMV Account Only" stamped across the back.

  6. I read it off to her on the phone, and she said "Eighty Three, I have 121 due here, there's a custom plate fee." However, apparently the payment I sent back, WITH THE DMV STUB was never applied to ANY bill.
    They just took the money.

  7. Nor was I sent a notice that indicated the NEW amount due, ever.
    Left alone, this would have just lapsed.

  8. I was then told "You'll have to bring that cancelled check down to a DMV office." Note that I can't make an appointment, as that takes OVER A MONTH.

That's where we're at right now. Note that the DMV apparently makes NO NOTE of things like routing number or account number, or else the clerk would have been able to look up this "mystery" payment instantly.

Note also that, as a AAA member, I can go to any AAA office to handle "routine" appointments with no wait, but they can't resolve disputes like this. However, because the DMV's botched systems, I am unable to take advantage of the benefit I'm paying for.

Yet another day of stupid fucking standing around on Wednesday.

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Okay, everyone, have a quick look at a message I just exported EXACTLY from my mailbox. It's the raw message, with the raw headers, so it might not make sense to all of you.

It's right here. Note: when rendered in a BROWSER, the email looks like THIS

After that, I want you to have a look at how it looks in my mail client, click this preview:

I've got several MAJOR problems with this.

Note: it may help to refer to the entry in Wikipedia about MIME and how it works.

Techie Ranting about email formats )


Apr. 15th, 2008 11:53 am
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Here, let me know if anyone spots the problem with this email I recently got:

Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 11:37:26 -0400
From: Avis <>                                                                                               
Reply-To: Avis <>
Subject: Great Offers from Avis                                                                                               
   1   OK     118 lines  Text
   2 Shown    177 lines  Text
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