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Okay, so anyone here knows I'm an SG-1 fan. So a few of you may recognize some annoyances here. They're annoyingly technical, but here goes nothing.


Most gates we come into contact with have a dialing device, AKA a "DHD" (dial home device) attached to the gate. It's not clear how they are attached, as we've seen freestanding DHD devices (such as in the back of a semi) dial the associated gate. It's also been revealed that the DHD serves as the power source for the gate. (Touchstone, Season 2 Ep 14)

I've discovered through watching, and generally assume, that the fact that the inner ring of the gate spins is a secondary mode for the gates, and the *only* time we ever see a gate spin on a dial is in the absence of a DHD. This has been seen in both outbound dials, and inbound ones.

Seven symbols are needed to create a gate address. The first six represent a triangulation of points in space, the seventh symbol is always the point of origin. Each stargate has 39 symbols on it, each DHD has 38. It is generally assumed that the large activation crystal in the center serves as the point of origin.

On an outbound dial, nothing can come back through the stargate with the exception of radio waves.

The gate is made of a superconductive alien metal (Naquada, Naquadah), and in the absence of a DHD, the gate will accept and store any kind of energy directed at it, at which point the inner ring will unlock and allow for a manual dial. (The Torment of Tantalus, Season 1, Episode 10). Occasionally, a gate will have enough power left for a single outgoing dial (this assumes that its inner ring spins freely).

The wormhole between the gates is always powered by the outgoing side. (Don't remember where this was stated, but it was early), and most often, a wormhole cannot be maintained for more than 38 minutes.

Safety Protocols:

A traveler is not sent across the gate until they have cleared the outbound event horizon (i.e. if you stick your hand in, it is not sticking out the other side).

The gate will not engage if something is blocking the path (this is why burying the gates work).

The large eruption that creates a wormhole is largely destructive and will destroy everything in its path, and is apparently rather hot, as someone standing in front of the vortex has left a set of feet with cauterized wounds (Prisoners, Season 2 Episode 3), although the Iris seems to survive fine.

It seems possible that the gate on the sending end can disconnect the wormhole even if an object is halfway past the event horizon. However, this behavior is overridden if someone is blocking the wormhole on the receiving end (Shades of Grey, Season 3 Ep 18).

Question: When dialing an address, it's not clear if the matching symbol needs to be lined up with the top of the gate, or the specific chevron that is being encoded.

Question: It is also unclear why transposition of gate addresses does not work. (i.e. if a gate address is a simple series of intersected lines (three lines, six points), why are not the swapping of the two endpoints of a given line possible. This is probably explainable in-series, it simply hasn't been.

Question: Planets having gate addresses are listed by a set of coordinates that the computers back on earth came up with, usually something like p3x-242. With the fact that there are 38 non-unique symbols on the gate, wouldn't it make more sense to come up with two extra symbols (26 for a-z, 10 for 0-9, and two more) so that a planetary address was easily transmutable with its designation?

With a DHD present:

Outbound Dial: Six Symbols are entered on the DHD, and a palm is placed over the control crystal. As each of the first symbols is entered on the DHD, the corresponding chevron lights up on the gate.

Inbound Wormhole: The symbols on the DHD light up, in order, although it has not been established that the symbols that light up are those of the origin world or the destination world.

Without a DHD present:
Outbound Dial: The gate needs a significant amount of power, at which point it allows the traveler to dial. It makes sense to assume this is an "emergency" mode -- a number of plots have been shown where a manual dial could have saved the day, and the writers seem to have ignored the fact.

Inbound Wormhole: The gate spins, and the chevrons light up, again in order, although it's not clear if the chevrons actually lock on the actual symbol.

The more interesting point here is that occasionally the "receiving" gate spins (Icon, Season 8 Episode 5, it did), and sometimes it doesn't (Prisoners, it didn't). So does this mean maybe the receiving gate knows somehow if the sending gate has a DHD?

SG1 Humor

Jun. 2nd, 2005 10:03 am
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Okay, so I was watching SG-1 this morning/evening and I got curious about some of the hand signals that O-neill uses, so I googled. I found This which is NOT a listing of the real signals, but still, rather amusing.

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