Jul. 1st, 2005 01:51 am
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I just fired off an email to "pred", the author of the previous article I posted, thanking him for his time and saying it's the best thing I've ever read on the subject.

What I got back was an autoresponse.

Date: 1 Jul 2005 05:20:57 -0000
From: predator-autoreply@cat.org.au
To: danm@prime.gushi.org
Subject: Re: power supply article

Broadcast message from root@pred:
Sending all processes the TERM signal.

For more information about why pred wont be responding to your email click the link below:
( http://tinyurl.com/2tzxq )

Pred has died of cancer.

Friends and relatives maintain his blog, his site, and his systems in his memory. The same was done for someone else I never had the great fortune to know, Tammad Rimilia, active in many subjects of my own interest.

I don't know how I'll go, or when, but I only hope my friends care enough about me to do the same. No, this isn't a suicide threat or anything, just a hope that when I go, I'll have touched as many lives as this.

Rest in Peace, Stranger.

SG1 Humor

Jun. 2nd, 2005 10:03 am
gushi: (Default)
Okay, so I was watching SG-1 this morning/evening and I got curious about some of the hand signals that O-neill uses, so I googled. I found This which is NOT a listing of the real signals, but still, rather amusing.

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