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Today has been awesome.

Going to a home party based on a totally open invite wouldn't normally seem like your idea of fun. However, that's what happened today.

On the most recent Dreamwidth News Post, one of the main coders, Mark, basically said "come and meet us" if you're in the Bay Area. I happen to BE in the bay area, so I responded. As someone who's gotten consistently more frustrated with Livejournal's ad-rot, I think Dreamwidth is something more in line with what I believe to be good about blogging, open source, and communities.

Kat was a bit nervous about my approach, but we got there, and everyone there seemed pretty awesome. It was a small but very friendly group, and I think I was one of the only "out of the blue" RSVPs. Quite a few people there were able to share quite a bit of backstory about various things, about their own feelings and hopes for the site.

Kat came away feeling like she had really met some people she could connect with. As did I. It was a really great evening.

I'd really like to be able to contribute some work to Dreamwidth, too.

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Livejournal's rather stupid when it comes to understanding dates.

As I understand it, there are two checks that are in play.

  1. LJ by default will not let you post an entry older than your most recent unless you check an option. If you have a client that lets you post without a date, it will assume the server time.

  2. If you try to do the above, it will tell you to set the "Date out of Order" flag (ironically, my client calls this "backdate"). This flag, and its option, are completely misnamed. What it REALLY does, is keeps a post from showing on a friends page. Get that? "Date out of Order" == "Don't show on my friends page, or my RSS feeds".

So if I start a post at say, noon saying "I'm going out with elvis for lunch" (but don't post it), and then post another entry more recently, there's NO WAY to get that entry to show at noon. I'd have to set the flag, and you could a friends page that includes me going back 200 entries, you would never see it. This is a problem for me: I often have several large, epic entries going, sometimes about events on a particular date.

Worse still, is that I can't queue up posts to show up on my "friends" lists on given days or at given times. I'm currently working on a five part entry on another journal, that I want to post at every X hours for the sake of readability. This would be really useful.

Dreamwidth could do all this better if they listen.

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Hello, and welcome to Gushi on dreamwidth. I would have used the user-account tag for that, but I don't honestly know what the tag for it is. Using <lj-user="gushi"> doesn't make sense, does it? It does in a way, kinda, since that would make it compatible with other clients. However, I'd also like a way that I could cross-site link. I've got 300+ friends on Livejournal, and I'd like to be able to link to them there with a tag.

So, here's the big problems thusfar.

  1. First and foremost, I don't have a client for it. I'm going to probably modify jlj for this.
  2. Secondly, while there's a "reading page" here, the DreamWidth analog of your LJ friends-page, but I see no way of adding LiveJournal accounts to that page. Even if one were to add every LJ's RSS feed, that doesn't get you restricted entries. Livejournal claims that if you use an RSS reader that does digest authentication, you can read an individual journal's rss feed, but there's no way to rss-syndicate your friends page AND do authentication. So Dreamwidth would have to log in and trawl each of your friends page under your LJ account. This is probably not possible, and it certainly defeats the purpose of RSS.
  3. Third, looking over some of my entries, they just don't fit in the scaling. For example, this entry is problematic. There's a strong lack of alternative styles.
  4. While there's an import tool, there's no easy way to "unimport" things and reset your journal to blank after an import, nor to tell either via a tag or some other manner which entries were "born here" and which were "adopted".
  5. From glancing over the FAQ, it looks like there's heavy dependence on the admin_console. This makes sense, it's easier to code for, rather than trying to put hooks to do things in multiple places and multiple styles.
  6. No permanent accounts. There was a sale once, but the admins claim they will not hold another. Honestly, I believe in this project, and I want to show more support than the paid account I've already bought, but I would like to be able to hold out hope for this.
  7. No phone support. While I'm not against the "old" mode of voice post transcription, where your friends do it for you, I have literally been able to update my LJ via voiceposts from hospital rooms where I don't know if I'll survive the night. I'm not ready to give that up.
  8. No way to specify that entries are being crossposted. This entry, posted to LiveJournal, has no extra text to mark it as such (other than the tag I set on DreamWidth, "native dreamwidth entries", but that was not set in any crosspost setting, it's just a tag I set to solve another problem above.) Thankfully, it at least LOOKS like when I edit an entry here, it updates the entry on LJ as well.

Sadly, each and every one of those is a show-stopper for me. I believe every one of them is fixable, but it's going to take time.

I haven't managed to figure out yet what I will use to differentiate this between Gushi-here and Gushi on Livejournal. Right now, I'll probably be mostly crossposting, which gives no advantage to my friends to kick it over to here. I'm tempted to be better to this journal than I have to my previous: always using tags, always setting moods, and the like. Perhaps making sure each entry is written syntactically valid, in the same style, with auto-formatting turned off.

I have several invite codes available, let me know if you want one. Other than that, well, in the word of a gryphon: That's about all I have to say about that.

Ferret One Out!

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