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  • Tell my apple TV to turn off my lights via Siri.
  • Bring up an app on my TV to turn off my lights.
  • Use find my friends on my TV.
  • Use find my iphone on my TV.
  • Use the awful "TV Remote" app to turn on my TV.
  • Connect a camera or microphone to my TV so I can use it for Skype or Facetime.

New Macbooks:

  • Use any thumbdrive that's out there without an adapter.
  • Not worry about my power cord pulling my macbook off my desk.
  • Use an apple pencil on a macbook.
  • Use my $1000 thunderbolt display to talk to a modern mac pro.
  • Use the existing cache of magsafe adapters I'd built up.
  • Plug an sdcard in.

(Seriously, would it have killed you to ALSO put a magsafe port on these things? Or make a magsafe-to-usb-c adapter that would permanently live in the mac?)


  • Buy any desktop mac that supports all this new USB-C nonsense.
  • Buy any desktop speakers that I can plug my earpods into and have the mic work.


  • Find a knob that makes the "maximize" button work the way it used to.
  • Not keep a local cache of ALL my mail from my imap server.
  • Use a decent third-party mail encryption app.
  • Control homekit devices via siri on a mac (or via any app?)
  • Sync my MacOS/Time Machine backups to icloud. Or, do over-the-air backups of my phone to my Time Machine server.
  • Use standard OTR Jabber encryption.
  • Sync up which machines I've "seen" a given Jabber messsage on, so I don't have to go "read" a given message on every system.
  • Save a bookmark to the "root" folder of my bookmarks.


  • Ping my watch via control-center from my phone.
  • Have my watch alert me -- noisily, when I forget my phone.
  • Just light up the screen as a flashlight (just...turn it white).
  • Use my watch to control my ipad (which may be tethered to a media center).
  • Get haptics from third-party apps like Waze.
  • Initiate a call ON MY PHONE from my watch. (Any "Hey Siri, Call Bob Smith" will cause the WATCH to make the call).

Family Sharing/AppleID/iCloud:

  • Allow my family members a choice in where they make their purchases from -- the shared card, or their own. (Hint: not all families are the same -- my family is two adults).
  • Allow my family calendar to be shared to non-family-members. Even with an odd nonstandard family like mine, families may want to share their schedule with a maid, or a Nanny, or an event planner.
  • Allow partial opt-in to Family Sharing. (I.e. letting an adult join my family without letting me wipe their device)
  • Merge two appleIDs: I have one for the store and one for iCloud, from back in the day where I was told an appleID must be at I'd love to just have these merged.
  • Use an API to access my bookmarks.


  • Charge my phone wirelessly.
  • Use an external USB camera (like a microscope, or a borescope), either to take pictures with, or just to use the phone as a recorder.
  • Use a apple pencil on an iPhone (prime opportunity to scoop the Galaxy Note crowd, you missed the bus).
  • Use headphones and external power at the same time. (So, Ingress, or long train trips, or flights?).
  • Use both lightning earpods AND headphone-port headphones at the same time (think: two people watching the same movie, wanting independent volume).
  • Use both wired earphones and airpods at the same time.
  • Use my phone to control my ipad's audio.
  • Add non-credit-card NFC cards to Apple Pay.
  • Add basic barcode-based loyalty cards to Passbook/Wallet.


  • Use an app like ODBFusion (which gives me virtual dashboards) on my carplay display.
  • Buy any aftermarket stereo that supports wireless carplay.
  • Use any mapping app besides apple maps.

Some other suggestions for Apple:

  • Give the Mac Mini some love. Give us one with both classic USB ports as well as USB-C. Give us one with just some DIMM slots and an NVME-style hard drive on the bottom.

  • Stop it with the soldered-onboard ram/ssd on your desktop machines. This makes sense on a macbook, perhaps, but it just twists the knife at purchase-time for desktops like the Mini which are designed to be easy to open.

  • Some of us use these machines as servers. Which means supporting some kind of reasonable out-of-band access and remote power-cycle/remote console functions. Either rebirth the xserve, or work with dell to put an Apple SMC in one of their machines but also have full iDrac functionality.

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