Jun. 6th, 2005 03:39 pm
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You ever think "wow, I have something I really need to say", and then decide it's best left unsaid because there's nobody who would not be insulted when all was said and done?

That's what I'm feeling right now. And it's manifesting as anxiety. Extreme, seething anxiety in the sense of every couple minutes just wanting to put my hand through something, or throw something expensive that I know will break. And everything. EVERYTHING. Annoying me further. From the monkey-babble coming out of the people in the office, to the phone ringing, to the music I've got in the background. Every possible stimulus is nails-on-chalkboard. Being hungry. The taste of something I eat to not-be-hungry. The temperature. My own sense of smell. The sound of my PC fan. It's like a sunburn, but on all sensory levels. Any stimulus == bad.

And my pulse is racing. I fucking hate this.

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Just in case anyone thought my previous entry was one about nationalism or racism, I need to state, that has nothing to do with it. Being on a job in a sandwich store should imply you know the word "MUSTARD" regardless of your origin. However, in the interest of equal time, let me describe an experience with someone who seemed to be a local.

So I call up T-Mobile today. Apparently my voicemail box was being reported as "Full" even though there were no messages in the thing.

I get a first-level support drone on the line. I explain the issue. "Your system is telling people who call me that my box is full and hanging up on them, but I've deleted all my messages."

"Okay, what kind of phone are you using?"

"Sony Ericsson p800"

"Oh, I'm sorry, that's not a supported device, but if you hang on I am getting you the number for Sony Ericsson support, maybe they can help you."

"Wait a second. How does which phone I use have ANYTHING to do with this. This happens when my phone is off, on, it would happen if I took the simcard out of my phone and put it on my desk, or if I put it in another phone."

"But Sir, that's not a supported..."

"Do you not get this? This isn't a display I get on my device. It's on your server. Here, hang on..."

*gets phone, calls voicemail, plays the "you have no messages" dialog*.

"You heard that, right? No messages? Now try calling my number and leave me a message."

"I can't do that."

"You...can't. You seem to have no issue leaving me a message when it doesn't get paid. Okay, I'm going to need a supervisor."

"I can get you one, but I'm not sure they'll be able to help you, after all, you're using an...."

"I'll hold."

Yes, I eventually got someone with a bit more clue, who actually WOULD bother to call my phone, and then call into my voicemail. Apparently they had to delete my entire voicemail profile to reset it, so I've gotta re-do my greetings and stuff.

Still. *slams head into wall*.
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Wow, I sound like [ profile] xial.

I had a brand new, fully patched win2k3 server machine sitting at the office. Fully patched. Every possible service pack.

Fully fucking patched.

It got some worm and flooded.

Fuck you Microsoft. You've been making OSes for what? 25 years now? And you still don't know the fucking rules of "don't run a listening process if you ain't got cause to listen?"

I futzed with FreeBSD as a desktop OS. I'm dismally disappointed by it:

1) Their installer doesn't even *do* the X config anymore. You're dropped at a prompt and left to assume everything about the complexities of how X works. By the way, there's no automatic hardware detection for *shit*. You have to guess at EVERYTHING. I locked the machine up several times making assumptions about what chipset I thought my video "card" (it's onboard) used.

2) After everything, I got twm, the default window manager running. For those who don't really understand X, all you need to know is that the LAST program you run from your startup files is your "window manager". Meaning you end that process, and you're logged out. X still was under the impression that my desktop was about 30 pixels wider than my screen. All the basic everything (keyboard, mouse, video, monitor) is configured by either running an archaic-looking X-based utility (i.e. log out of everything else, and run JUST that) or editing a text file. And there's no NOTHING installed by default. It's like windows 3.1. No start button. No menus. Just one screen, and run what you like. The idea being hopefully, run something that makes it pretty.

3) They all look impressive. It's bullshit, at least under BSD.

4) Better, but the font support was so fucking blurry it gave me a splitting headache. Literally unreadable to know that you can't in the default screen font know the difference between an "f" and an "l". And most of the screen fonts (supposedly truetype, mind you) had the lower pixel clipped.

5) I am using an LCD monitor. REFRESH RATES SHOULD NOT MATTER. THIS MONITOR HAS EXACTLY 1280 x 1024 pixels. Fucking USE THAT.

FreeBSD makes no bones about being a server OS -- it still bothers me that their ports system tries to build X as a dependency when I go to build ghostscript or something. (I have to set a makefile option -- this is nowhere NEAR the tangles web of RPM-annoyance that is Redhat, by the way).

So, I've booted into Knoppix.

By comparison, I'm in love. It found my (shit) sound "card" (again, onboard). And works. Plays internet playlists, and mp3s. (The music player redhat gives you will not, btw). Took all of ten minutes to scan the network and find the network printer. Was able to log into other machines via remote desktop. Resolution is crisp, clean, and responsive (ESPECIALLY considering I'm running a CD-based OS). Everything is easily configurable (and savable to a floppy, or a hard drive if you have one handy). About my only annoyance at the moment is that it includes Mozilla, rather than firefox -- although if I copy it off to a hard drive, I think that and stepmania may be the only things I need to install. Copy and paste work consistently between apps. It's all good.

I think I've found my new desktop OS. I almost wonder how this would run on my vaio.

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