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Gmail outright rejects mail from my server delivered via ipv6, but allows it via ipv4.

What this means is that I'm going to have to simply maintain a list of gmail MX AAAA's and pump them into an ipfw reset rule like:

reset tcp from me to 2a00:1450:400c:c02::/64 dst-port 25

On the same note, I am getting continually added to various google groups that send me a bunch of Indian CV's for people seeking employment. Google apparently will anyone be added to a google group without confirmation.

I keep maintaining a procmail rule that looks like this:

* 1^0 ^List-ID:.*
* 1^0 ^List-ID:.*
* 1^0 ^List-ID:.*
# ...more goes here
| /home/danm/

I should probably write a SpamAssassin module that detects this crap, and once it does, rather than filtering the body, detects the list-header and reports as appropriate. (I don't want to reject at SMTP transaction time, because I want the lists to get onto google's radar as a problem that's not simply a delivery issue)

Note: Looks like this journal theme doesn't show the markdown "code" properly. Dammit.

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I just got this one tweaked a bit.

This is a recipe for handling a mailing list, by shuffling it off somewhere, but also, to add a "subject" tag (such things are the subject of holy wars on many mailing lists).

This example is for the spamassassin-users group. I do this within a specialized block because many lists were being shuffled to a generalized "otherlists" folder (and thus subject tags still made them relevant).

# Match anything with this list ID
* List-Id:.*

  :0 fwh
  # Iff it doesn't have a subject tag, add one using "formail"
  # The f flag tells procmail to use it as a filter rather than as a final destination
  # w tells it to check the exit code (lets the filter fail gracefully)
  # h tells it to only feed the header to the formail program
  * !Subject:.*\[sa-list\]
  | formail -I"Subject: [sa-list] ${SUBJ_}"

  # From there, we deliver normally to the folder.


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